Dog Crates are always a good idea for dog and pet owners. But when we talk about the versatility of the dog crates, the best kind of crate in this regard is a collapsible dog crate. These crates are the smartest choice in dog kennels and provide you with a secure place. Being light-weight, the collapsible dog crates, whether they be the best small folding dog crate or great large collapsible dog crate, will be easy to carry around with yourself and can be transported from one place to the other with great convenience.

In addition to being easy to use, you can clean these top collapsible soft dog kennel easily. This gives your dog a comfortable and clean home. The only thing that you need to know while using a collapsible kennel is the easiest way to collapse it and open it again for usage, and you are sorted.

Features Of A Best Collapsible Dog Crate:

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Easy to Collapse
  • Perfect for Calm Dogs

1. Lightweight & Portable:
Collapsible fabric dog crates are pretty light-weight, and this makes them super portable. You can carry these crates anywhere as they are easy to transport. You can carry them along to a campsite, airplane-travel, a train station, and many more places without any hassle.
2. Easy to Collapse:
As the name suggests, the collapsible dog kennels are easily collapsible and can be set up again without much effort. This is the best thing for the people who don’t want to invest hours in fixing the crates using tools and screws.
3. Perfect for Calm Dogs:
The VIP Portable Collapsible Dog Kennels are ideal for dogs searching for their own calm place. Try to avoid these crates if your dog is loud and rude because he may ruin them.


  • The collapsible dog kennels are available in a variety of options. You can get a vast range of sizes, prices, and materials in these crates.
  • They prove advantageous when it comes to creating training a dog. The dividers in these budget XL foldable dog crates are good for your dog and wallet.
  • The small collapsible dog crates come very handily when you are moving out to some new place. The best buy collapsible travel dog crate is the best thing to be carried along while traveling or going on a road trip.
  • The collapsible dog crates are a great pick for you if you live in a small apartment. These crates save a lot of space, making them easy to store and use.


  • Like many other dog crates, the collapsible crates can look bad at times. The metal version of these crates may resemble a cage, and the fabric and plastic one can look cheap running the aesthetics of your place.
  • The poor-quality collapsible crates can cause harm to your dogs if their parts are damaged.
  • The soft folding kennels are the most beneficial, but they are most likely to get damaged, wasting both your time and money. So, you need to be mindful of the type of crate you are going for.

Collapsible Dog Crates Types

As discussed earlier, the collapsible dog crates come in different types and materials, including plastic, aluminum, metal, fabric, and canvas. All these materials have pros of their own. Let us explore these and find out which one suits you the best.

1. Best Collapsible Plastic Dog Crate

Best Collapsible Plastic Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

  • A plastic dog crate is a sturdier and more portable as compared to a fabric crate. It is easiest to transport and is very comfortable for the pet. The door and other parts of a plastic crate don’t make any noise, a good choice.

2. Best Collapsible Aluminum Crate

Terrain Dog Collapsible Crate

  • A collapsible aluminum dog kennel is the best pick for you if your dog is a bit hard to handle. This carte can withstand the paws and chews off the dog. Moreover, you can easily carry the collapsible aluminum dog crate with you on a road trip or travel. It will keep your dog safe and secure.

3. Best Collapsible Metal Dog Crate

Collapsible Metal Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

  • When it comes to strength and durability, a metal or wired crate comes first. It not only keeps the dog safe but remains intact for a longer duration. The door, lock, and all other metal crate components are sturdier and robust than any other collapsible crate present in the market.

4. Best Collapsible Fabric Dog Kennel

Best Collapsible Fabric Dog Kennel

AmazonBasics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

  • A fabric dog crate is easiest to operate. You can collapse and set up it with great convenience. Moreover, it is easy to clean and can be carried around on an airplane trip, a road trip, or any other journey. These kinds are the perfect home for small and calm dogs.

5. Best Collapsible Canvas Dog Crate

Best Collapsible Canvas Dog Crate

Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel

  • If you are someone who hates operating tools and using screws for setting up your crate, the canvas dog crate is the best pick for you. It can be stored easily and is available for use in no time.


1. What are foldable travel dog crates?
The foldable travel dog crates are the kind of crates that can be collapsed and stored easily. You can carry these crates with you without any hassle and set them up at the place of your choice with great convenience.
2. How do you find out the size of the collapsible dog crate you need?
To find the collapsible dog crate’s correct size:
• Take a measuring tape and measure your dog.
• Measure from his nose to the base of his tail to find out the length of your dog.
• Add 2 to 4 inches to the measurements for the perfect crate size.
3. What size folding crate do you need to travel with your dog?
The crate’s size needs to be big enough for your dog to sit, stand, and move around conveniently. But the crate should not be too big so that your dog remains secure.

The collapsible dog crates are always a smart idea, and they serve all the purposes. So, keeping your needs in mind, go for the one that suits you the best.