Dog Crates are meant to keep your dogs and pets secure and safe. They ensure the safety of dogs when no one is around for supervision. Most people wonder what kind and size of crate they should buy for their dogs. If you are one of those, this is the right place for you. We will answer all your concerns and provide a solution to all the problems you might face while choosing your dog’s crate.

How To Choose The Best Dog Crate For Your Dog?

1. Determine Your Needs
2. Determine the Best Size
3. Material Selection

Determine Your Needs:

While shopping for a dog crate, the very first thing you need to be mindful of is the difference between these dog crates. Always keep in mind that all the dog crates are not the same and not created equally. Whether it be the sizing of the crate, the material that is used in its making, or the purposes that it serves, every crate is different from the other. Most of the time, a specific kind of crate is made for a specific kind of dog. So, if you decide on buying a crate for your dog, you need to think carefully and determine your needs. This will enable you to find the crate that is best suited for your pet.

Always consider the following questions before buying a large pet crate.

  • Is the crate for a puppy who needs crate training and who will have changed needs once he grows?
  • Are you looking for an upgrade for an old one who has already damaged his previous crate?
  • Is it that you want something to carry your pet around while traveling?
  • Do you want your crate to look aesthetically pleasing and go with the aesthetics of your house?
  • Are you in search of a small crate that can be used anywhere, whether indoors and outdoors, and can be transported with convenience?

Keeping all these questions in mind before beginning your hunt for a dog crate will help you buy the best crate.

Determine The Best Size:

The next step in deciding the best dog crate is the determination of size using large dog crate sizing charts. The main thing that needs to be considered is the size and height of your dog. The crates are present in numerous sizes and shapes in the market, just like dogs’ numerous sizes and shapes. If you are confused about which size of crate you should go for, we are here for your help.

A New York City-area dog consultant and the owner of Rescued By Training, named Kate LaSala, stated that “the crate be just large enough for the dog to be able to stand up and turn around.”

Small Crate: Let us first have a look at a small crate or a dog crate in a smaller size. Honestly, a small crate is not a good option as it will limit your pet’s movement and restricts him from laying down properly. He won’t have a relaxing pose to rest, and in turn, he will stop going into that crate. The best choice is always to go for a crate that offers more space and comfort to your dog, which is impossible with a smaller sized crate.

Large Crate: Large crates are for the dogs that are hugs in size, such as those belonging to bigger breeds. Make sure to do all the large dog kennel measurements properly. A large crate is a must-have thing for these large dogs. It will provide them comfort without hindering their movement and therefore is the best thing ever.

Another thing that should be done is to make your dogs realize that these crates are a safe corner for them to chill and relax and not be disturbed by the children, noises, and guests, etc. Don’t forget to consult a large dog crate sizing chart to determine the large dog crate dimensions.

Growing Puppy Crate: Another option that you can go for is to buy a large dog crate with a divider. This is the best thing that you can do for your growing pet. Use a divider to separate a smart portion initially and keep expanding it as your puppy grows. This will, in a way, allows the crate to grow along with your pet. You can use a best large dog crate divider panel for making the boundary.

Material Selection:

After deciding on the purpose of the crate and its size, the next step is to determine your dog crate’s material. If we talk about dogs, a kennel is a bigger thing than four walls and a roof. It is a cozy, personal space for the dogs where they can go and relax. It is the best resting spot for them when they are anxious. In addition to this, crates are an effective training tool for puppies. That is why you need to be careful while deciding on the type of crate or its material selection. Several crates are present in the market, including plastic, metal, fabric, heavy-duty, and furniture crates. Let us have a look at these and find out which one will turn out the best.

Metal Crate : Wire crates or metal crates are often considered essential whenever we come to think about pets, especially dogs. The best thing about these crates is complete ventilation and visibility. Metal crates can be folded down easily and become a top large folding dog crate for better storage. You can easily potty train your dog using a metal crate as it mostly comes with a removable pan.

The availability of doors on both sides makes the placement of the crate much easier and convenient. These kinds of crates can also be called escape-proof large steel dog crates. You can place a soft and cushiony mate at the bottom surface and turn it into a wire large soft dog kennel. The foldable feature of metal crates enables them to turn into a table too. These kinds of crates prove to be the best large dog Kennel end table.

Plastic Crate: The nature of dogs resembles the den animals. Dogs usually love warm and cozy places. A plastic crate serves this purpose the best. It nurtures the instinct of dogs for a private and stable area. The best thing about plastic crates is that they can be used while traveling without any problem. These kinds of crates are top large dog crate airline approved. Most airlines want the pets to be carried along in a hard plastic kennel for a safe journey.

A large plastic dog kennel is easy to be carried around. These best large dog crates’ plastic is pretty reliable and provides proper ventilation for easy breathing. There are built-in food and water cups in the plastic crates. Moreover, some of these large double dog crates have a dedicated space for identification labels required by most airlines. 

Fabric Crates: Another incredible kind of crate is the fabric crate. These are cheap large soft crates for dogs that can be washed and used again. The fabric crates are a good option for traveling. They are foldable large dog kennel that makes traveling with pets easy. However, make sure to train your dog enough before using a fabric crate, as frequent washing is not good.

Furniture Crates: If you are pretty style-conscious and want an aesthetically pleasing crate for your dog that goes with your house’s aesthetics, these furniture crates or wooden crates are the best pick for you. The VIP large dog crate furniture is meant for the people who are VIP in the true sense. The large dog crate tables are also part of the furniture. Moreover, in some places, the best large dog kennel beds are equally important. If we talk normally, the large dog crate bed is a great choice.

Other kinds of dog crates include the soundproof large dog travel crate, best large collapsible dog crates, a soft-sided large kennel for small dogs, heavy-duty large dog crate for sale, and other soft large crate for dogs, etc.

DOG Crate Features & Uses:

large dog crate


  • The dog crates should come up with handles for better grip.
  • Large dog crate on wheels make the movement and transportation of crates easier.
  • Crates with proper ventilation and visibility are the best option.


  • The main purpose of these crates is the house training of dogs.
  • The potty training of pets is another important purpose.
  • The light-weight dog crates make traveling easy.

In simple words, the large dog crates are not less than a necessity for the people who have some pet at their place and want their safety and security.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about large dog crates and their answers.

1. Why Do You Need a Crate?

The main purpose of a crate is house training, and it limits the activities of a dog, making him focus on his training only.

2. Which Dogs Need Large Size Crate?

The dogs belonging to the bigger sized breeds like German shepherd need large-sized crates. These crates will make their movement easier than other small-sized crates in the market.

3. How To Determine The Size Of Your Dog Crate?

To determine the size of your dog crate, measure your dog from the tip of his nose to the end of his toe. Exclude the tail. Add 2 to 4 inches to these measurements to get the perfect sized crate for your dog.

4. How To Measure A Dog For A Crate?

Measure the length from the top of the head of your dog to the ground. Make sure to leave enough space for his ears. Take the width by measuring from one shoulder to the other, and you are done.

5. Where To Put A Dog Crate?

Put the dog crate in the area of your house where your family spends most of the time. Make sure to place a blanket or soft mate on the surface of the crate.

6. How Long Leave A Dog In A Dog Crate?

For adult dogs, 6 to 8 hours are enough, while for smaller puppies, a duration of 4 to 5 hours is more than enough.

7. Should I Crate Train My Dog?

Yes, crate training is the most crucial part that needs to be taken seriously. It is the main purpose of a crate.

8. What Is The Best Dog Crate For Large Dogs?

Petmate Sky Kennel and Sport Pet Designs Rolling Kennel are two best large dog crates for large dogs.

9. Is A Bigger Dog Crate Better?

Yes, a bigger dog crate is always a smart choice. In case your puppy is too small, you can use a panel divider to make it small and keep expanding the space with time.

10. What Is The Best Size Crate For A Goldendoodle?

Thirty-six inches to 45 inches is the best size crate for a Goldendoodle.

11.When Should I Increase My Dog’s Crate Size?

Space can be increased after 16 to 20 weeks, once your puppy is potty trained.

12. Should Your Dog Be Able To Stand In The Crate?

Yes. He deserves the freedom and a free moment. So, make sure to take the measurements properly.

13.What Is The Strongest Dog Crate Available?

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is considered to be the strongest dog crate.

Now, it is up to you to choose the best option and make both you and your pet’s life easier. Best of Luck!