Crates are used for the safety and security of the pets. Most pet owners prefer using these crates to provide their dogs with separate homes. These crates are also used for convenient traveling, for crate training a puppy, and much more. The two most practical crates in the market are soft dog Kennel and Wire dog kennel. We have come up with a thorough comparison of these two crates in order to make the decision easier for you.

Wire Dog Crate VS Soft Dog Crate

Best Wire Dog Crates:

The material used in the making of a wire dog crate is metal. The wire dog crates mostly have a single door. Sometimes these crates come with two or three doors too.

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Best Wire Dog Crate Pros & Cons


1. Visibility:
When using a wire dog crate, your dog will be visible to you. This saves you from cleaning any litter as you can judge when your pet is needed to go out for potty time.
2. Easy Cleaning:
Most of these wire dog crates come up with a slide-out tray. These trays make the process of cleaning much easier and faster.
3. Divider:
The divider that comes with the wire dog crates is very efficient. It allows you to expand the area with the growth of your pet. You don’t need to buy a new crate every time your dog grows in size. Hence, you can invest your money in a single big crate and buy the best one.
4. Travel-Friendly:
The wire dog crates are perfect for car travel. You can carry your pet along with you wherever you go without worrying about his/her safety. Moreover, these crates are ideal for dog shows and competitions. Your pet can shoe his/her elegant moves in this crate.
5. Ventilation:
You do not have to worry about the crate’s ventilation if you are using a wire dog crate. It enables the free flow of air without any hindrance. This saves your pet from suffocating in hot weather.
6. Durability:
There is no match for the durability of wire dog crates. These crates are often known to last for years.


1. Most of the wire crates can be folded down, but there is still a chance of facing a problem due to a wire crate’s rigid size and form.
2. Your dog’s connection with his surroundings will never break if you are using a wire dog crate. The surroundings of the dog will keep affecting him. Therefore, it is always recommended to cover a wire crate with a piece of cloth.
3. The wire dog crates might fail in keeping your dog warm if you live in colder areas.
4. A wire dog crate’s appearance resembles a cage, and the doors can be opened up easily.
5. The noise produced by a wire dog crate can get irritating if you own a pet who gets excited easily.

Best Soft Dog Crate Reviews

Soft-sided crates or cloth crates look more alluring and graceful than wire dog crates. These crates come in different colors and forms and may look appealing to your pets.

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Top Quality Soft Dog Crate Pros & Cons


1. Lightweight:
The best part of a soft dog crate is that it is the lightest of all crates in the market. The soft material that is used in the making of a soft dog crate increases its portability.
2. Collapsible:
A soft dog crate is always more travel-friendly than any other crate out there. These crates can be folded down and compressed to any desired size and shape.
3. Travel-Friendly:
A soft dog crate is the best crate to be used for travel purposes. You can carry your dog in a soft dog crate anywhere you want, and it will not become an added burden on you.
4. Secure:
Unlike the wire crates, a soft dog crate makes your dog feel relaxed and secure and break his connection or link with his surroundings for some time.
5. Ventilation:
Talking about the ventilation, the soft-sided dog crates come with a mesh window. It makes the flow of air across the crate easy.
6. Durability:
Despite being made of cloth or any other soft fabric, a soft dog crate is made as durable as possible by utilizing the best products.
7. Machine Washable:
Soft-sided dog crates are machine washable and can be washed anytime you feel like it. These crates come with some spare mats for regular cleaning too. Although, some people find it difficult to get a soft dog crate cleaned.
8. Storage:
The pockets that you get with a soft dog crate makes the storage of toys and treats easy. This enables you to store your pet’s stuff in one place.


1. These crates can be damaged easily, especially if your dog is fond of scratching and chewing.
2. The dogs can escape out through a soft-sided crate easily.
3. The Stains and dirt marks are sometimes difficult to get rid of when these fabric crates.


Both the wire dog crates, and the soft dog crates have some incredible pros and some cons too. If you want to choose anyone between these two, the decision will be impossible to make. In simple words, each crate has some features that make it better than others. It depends on your needs and the type of pet you own. So, keep all the factors in mind and choose the one that suits your needs the best. Generally, for some pet owners, a wire dog crate is the best, and for others, there is no replacement for a soft dog crate. So, it’s completely subjective.