The most important thing for pet owners to keep in mind is crate training. But the crate should

be covered using a blanket, sheet, or any other crate cover. But to be very honest, this decision of covering the crate depends solely on your pet. If your dog is someone who enjoys the security and safety provided by a dark, enclosed space, you should always go for top dog crate covers. On the other hand, if your dog feels anxious and tensed in a closed and confined space, you need to think it over. If you are dealing with the questions like should you cover it or not and the pros and cons of crate covers, we have you covered.

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Should You Cover a Dog’s Crate?

Before getting into the answer to whether a dog’s crate should be covered or not, let us first consider the nature of dogs as animals. Dogs are generally referred to as den animals-the animals that prefer the security provided by a confined space. It is an instinct in dogs to search for a quite enclosed and dark space, especially when they’re scared, anxious, or looking for some rest.

Reduction in Vision:

A great dog crate cover is the best thing that can reduce anxiety and calms and soothes the dogs by limiting the vision. This limitation of visual stimuli helps in preventing excitement and thus barking. The dogs that can be excited easily are less likely to react to movements outside the windows. Moreover, a closed cover is a bedtime signal, and an open one indicates the time to play. Another good thing about crate covers is that it is efficient in traveling if your dog is scared of car rides or unfamiliar places.

How To Get Your Dog Used To The Crate Covers?

Another crucial step regarding crate covers is to get your dogs used to these covers and covered crates. The best thing that can be done in this regard is to gradually introduce the crate cover to your dog. Be careful not to cover the crate with a blanket or any other cover to punish your dog. Instead, use a covered crate to provide your dog with an opportunity to calm down.

To introduce your puppy or dog to a covered crate, we recommend you follow these steps:
•Cover the top of the crate with a blanket or any other fitted cover and leave the sides open or uncovered.
•Make your dog enter the partially covered create independently and, with time, increase the duration that she spends inside the covered create.
•After a few days, cover one side of the crate. Once your dog accepts the one covered site of the crate, cover the second side too.
•Once she gets used to these two covered sides, let the cover hang over the third side. Don’t forget to offer rewards for good behavior.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is not leaving your dog unattended in a covered trade unless she is fully adjusted. This will ensure her content and will make sure that she will not chew or tear the cover.

Is Covering A Dog’s Crate Safe?

Well, yes, covering a dog’s crate is safe and secure if you follow a  few important guidelines.

•Keep the blankets and covers away from heat sources and make sure that the fabric is breathable.
•Keep monitoring the inside of the crate in humid weather to ensure it doesn’t get too hot.
•Puppies go through a natural chewing phase. It is when they are teething between the ages of four and eight months. If you think your pet is going through the teething process, secure the covers to prevent it from shredding.

What Are The Features That Should Be Looked For In A Dog Crate Cover?

Numerous things should be kept in mind while looking for a top dog crate cover.

Some Of The Most Significant Things That Need To Be Considered Are:

1. Best Fitting
2. Water-Proof
3. Durability
4. Washable
5. Design of Cover
6. Different Options

Best Fitting: The most important thing to look for while buying a crate cover is fitting. The crate covers for dogs should fit the crate well. Make sure to take all the dog crate cover measurements well. Check the dog crate cover dimensions precisely to ensure its perfect fitting. The cover should not be too small, as small dog crate covers will provide gaps that will allow light to enter the crate. They should not be too large as in XL Dog crate cover, or XXL dog crate also covers as large covers get stepped on usually and start looking disheveled. So, buy the pet crate covers using appropriate measurements. Go for a top medium dog crate cover.

Water-Proof: Another feature that should be looked for in a dog crate cover is the insulation. It should be water-proof so that it cannot get worn out and damage easily. This will allow you to keep the crate anywhere without the fear of it being dirty or wet. Look for a great water-proof dog crate cover.

Durability: The next important feature is the durability of the cover. The material used in making the cover should be durable and strong enough to survive any weather. They should be a great choice of dog crate covers for summers and the best dog crate cover for winters.
Washable: Another important feature to look for in a cover is that it should be machine-washable. This is a very smart move as no matter how hard you try, the cover will get dirty and needs to be washed regularly. So, going for the best large dog crate cover that is washable is the best thing to do.

Design of Cover: This is not a mandatory feature, but there is nothing wrong with looking for a waterproof dog crate cover that looks good. These decorative dog crate covers and designer dog crate covers look aesthetically pleasing, adding to the aesthetics of your house. Look for some beautiful dog crate covers patterns and search for some incredible do kennel cover ideas. Going for the best double dog crate cover is also a great choice. You can also buy a pink dog crate cover for her.

Different Options: Besides the fabric crate covers, top wood dog crate covers, best wire dog crate covers, and VIP steel dog crate covers are some other options to choose from.

FAQS Related To Dog Crate Cover:

Talking about the dog crate covers, there are some most frequently asked questions about the crate covers. Let us have a look at them.

1. Should I Cover Dog Crate At Night?

Yes, because a closed crate at night usually specifies bedtime. Similarly, an open crate is a signal of playtime.

2. Will The Covers Make My Dog Crate Warm?

The covers not only keep the dog crates warm but gives the dogs more comfort and safety.

3. Can I Wash My Dog Crate Cover?

The dog crate is made up of 100% polyester and is completely machine-washable.

4. Is A Dog Crate Cover Insulated?

Most dog covers are insulated, and make sure that your dog is warm in winters and is good in summers.

5. Can I Make A DIY Dog Crate Cover?

Yes, you can make a DIY crate cover very easily at home. All you need is fabric and glue ( if you don’t know how to sew).

1. Best MidWest Dog Crate Cover:

MidWest Dog Crate Cover

Best MidWest Washable Dog Crates Cover

  • The MidWest Dog Crate Cover is Teflon protected. This makes the cover provide privacy, safety, and comfort to the dogs. Veterinarians often recommend this security and privacy. Moreover, all the breeders and trainers also talk about dogs’ comfort and safety using a dog crate cover.

The cover is fit for a crate with single or double door folding and is available in nice grey color, pleasing to the eyes.
The Teflon Fabric Protector of the cover keeps all kinds of stains and oils away from the cover. This allows the cover to stay clean for longer periods of time. All the hooks and loop tabs that come with the cover play a significant role in keeping the cover at its place. The dog can enter the crate easily through the door access accompanying the cover. To keep the dog comfy and calm, there is a significant space left that allows air to pass freely.

Top Quality Washable Midwest Dog Crate Covers

MidWest Dog Crate Cover


  • The cover is available in large sizes with dimensions 30 L X 19 W X 21 H inches.


  • The colors and designs of this color are pretty stylish and can easily blend with the home décor. It is available in grey color with geometric patterns. Similarly, a black with geometric patterns is also available on this cover.


  • It comes with Teflon protection.
  • The dimensions are designed to fit the crate perfectly.
  • Double polyester or cotton is used in the making of this cover.
  • It is machine washable.


  • A mat or rug is not available with the cover.

2. Best HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover

Double Door Dog Crate Cover

Double Door Dog Crate Covers

  • The door dog crate cover is preferred by most of the dog owners out there. Usually, dogs tend to make the cover dirty pretty easily, and the owners had to get it cleaned repeatedly.

They remain searching for a way that could save them from going through all that hassle again and again. The use of water-resistant crate covers solves this problem, and door crate cover is one of them.
It is not only water-resistant but is made of 600D polyester. This saves the cover from all kinds of dirt and dust. Moreover, the resistant coating aids in its protection too. To keep the cover firmly in place, this cover comes with two toggles at the corner. As we have discussed earlier, dogs need to feel safe and secure inside the crate when it’s cover. This purpose is served by using a cover that provides ventilation, and this cover does the same. The breathable window that’s made of mesh allows the air to circulate freely.

Top Quality HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover:

Double Door Dog Crate Cover


  • The best thing about this crate is its wide range of sizes. Depending on the size of your dog crate, you can choose the cover of 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches. Just make sure to measure the crate accurately before buying the cover.


  • The crate comes in three elegant colors. These are tan, black, and two-toned grey. You can choose the one that goes with your home decor.


  • The cover is quite breathable and provides great ventilation.
  • The resistant coating keeps the cover safe.


  • It is not a chew-proof product

3. Best Privacy Dog Crate Cover Fits MidWest

waterproof dog crate cover

Best waterproof Dog Crate Cover

  • A dog crate cover’s main purpose is to provide the dog with the privacy, comfort, and security that it needs. Most of the time, a crate is not enough to provide the needed comfort to the dog. That’s why people prefer using dog crate covers.

These covers help the dog break its connection with the outer world and give it some time to chill and relax in its den.
One of the problems with these crate covers is getting dirty easily, especially if your dog pees frequently. Moreover, while eating, your dog may spill some food or drink on the cover. All these things make the dog crate cover stink. That is where the need for waterproof crate covers arises. These covers save the dog owners from going through the hassle of cleaning the cover every other day.

Top Quality Waterproof Dog Crate Cover:

waterproof dog crate cover


  • Like most dog crate covers in the market, a waterproof crate cover also comes in numerous sizes. Whether it be 22 inches or 48 inches, this crate cover is available in all sizes. So, it doesn’t matter if you own a small-sized dog or a large one; this crate cover will work for you.


  • It comes in several colors, from black to grey and two-toned greys and blacks. You are free to choose the one that suits your vibe.


  • The pure cotton and polyester used to make this cover keep it new for a longer duration.
  • The water-resistant property is convenient for owners.
  • Hooks and loops keep the cover in its place.


  • It doesn’t come with a bottom mat or rug.

4. Best Outdoor MidWest Dog Crate Cover:

outdoor dog crate cover

Best Midwest Outdoor Dog Crate Cover

  • Just like a dog crate, dog crate cover is also used for outdoor purposes. These crate covers keep the dogs safe and secure from harsh outside environments.

Moreover, it keeps the dog owners at ease as they are sure of their pets’ safety. Most of the Breeders and trainers recommended using dog crate covers even for outdoor purposes. It’s obvious that the crate cover needs to be resistant enough so that it becomes easy for the owner to keep the cover maintained and cleaned.
Holding up the cover is another significant issue when you are using it for outdoor purposes. But this problem is solved due to the hook and loop tabs that keep the dog kennel cover in place. These hooks make the crate cover turn into a comfy den for the dog.

Top Quality Midwest Washable Outdoor Dog Crate Cover:

outdoor dog crate cover


  • The outdoor crate covers are also available in several sizes. But you always need to make sure that you have measured the crate accurately to avoid any confusion. You can buy this dog crate cover if you have a large dog or a small one. The cover will perfectly fit all kinds of crates depending upon the size you have bought.


  • Dark colors are usually preferred for outdoor dog crate covers. This particular dog crate cover comes in dark black, two-toned black, dark grey, and other such dark shades.


  • The resistant coating of the cover keeps the cover clean.
  • Polyester that’s used in the making of the cover inhibits it from getting worn out easily.


  • There is no mat with the cover, which may be uncomfortable for the dog.

5. Best Dog Crate Cover for Large Dog:

Dog crate cover for large dog

Best HONEST OUTFITTERS Dog Crate Cover Reviews

  • A dog crate cover needs to be durable so that it can be maintained for a longer duration. The dog crate cover for large dogs is made of 600D Oxford fabric.

This fabric is specialized in making the crate cover wind-proof and waterproof. A wind-proof crate cover is preferred for large dogs as they are most anxious and can damage any dog crate cover. This crate cover prevents stretching and provides your dog with a night of peaceful sleep.
One unique thing about this cover is that it has openings on both sides, and these openings do not block the door. Like most of the ventilated dog crate covers, it also comes with a mesh window. In this way, breathing gets a lot convenient for the dog. Moreover, it allows the free circulation of air in the crate.

Best HONEST OUTFITTERS Dog Kennel Cover for Large Dog

Dog crate cover for large dog


  • The dimensions of this particular crate cover are 31’’L x 20’’W x 21’’H. This cover perfectly fits a 30-inch crate. But it is always advised to measure the crate carefully and accurately before buying a crate cover.


  • This crate cover comes in black. You can get it in other colors too, but black is the most commonly occurring color.


  • The cover is wind-resistant.
  • The waterproof feature of this crate keeps it clean.
  • It comes with storage too.


  • There is no mat with this crate.

6. Best Durable Polyester Dog Crate Cover:

Best Pethiy Dog Crate Cover Durable

Best Pethiy Dog Crate Cover Durable Polyester Pet Kennel Cover

  • This is a durable carte cover and is made of a purely blended polyester and cotton fabric. This fabric makes them create even more durable and robust.

In order to keep the cover in its place, some hook and loop tabs come with the cover. The cover turns the crate into a cozy den in no time. If your dog faces anxiety problems, this cover is the best thing you can do for him. The stylish design of this cover looks aesthetically pleasing and adds to the aesthetics of your house.
It provides your dog with privacy, security, and comfort. Moreover, your dog can relax and rest with this cover on the crate. To adjust visibility and ventilation appropriately, the cover comes with mesh windows. If we talk about the zipper of the great crate, it’s pretty strong.

Main Title

Best Pethiy Dog Crate Cover Durable


  • The dimensions of this metal dog crate cover measure 42L x 27W x 30H. It is best for a crate that is 42 inches, but you can buy it in different sizes.


  • Light Gray is the shade that’s common in this particular crate, but you can go for any color of your choice.


  • The crate cover is machine washable.
  • The cover reduces the stress and anxiety of your pet.
  • It is pretty breathable.


  • It’s almost see-through.